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Please select from our brief list of products below that our team currently offers and request a quote for more information.

Vacuum Deposition Systems

Our team offers a full line of thin film vacuum coating equipment for all your application needs. Our line of coating products include the MINIvap, UNIvap, OPTIvap and PEROvap deposition systems. Vacuum coating equipment is available either integrated into a standard glovebox system, a customized enclosure or as a standalone unit. Depending on the complexity of the process all systems can be supplied to be either manually operated or robot loaded.

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Vacuum Sublimation Systems

CreaPhys Vacuum Sublimation Units provide the ability to purify up to 200 g per charge of volatile organic material (depending on density) for application in organic optoelectronic devices (e.g. OLEDs, organic photovoltaics') or nanotechnology. The special design allows exact temperature control to prevent hot spots and to reduce decomposition. The compact modular setup allows easy space-saving assembly in the lab or inside standard or customized glovebox systems.

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Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series) 

Our Organic Molecular Evaporators are designed for use in R&D or small series production, and may be applied in high- and ultra-high-vacuum assemblies. All evaporators feature a wide working range of deposition rates and excellent temperature stability. We offer evaporators of different size and mounting options, a wide range of crucible options, integrated shutters, and additional water cooling. All standard products can be customized on request to fit particular needs.

Multiple Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series) 

Our Multiple Organic Molecular Evaporators are designed for depositing thin films by means of thermal evaporation. They allow for the evaporation of up to three different materials from a single base plate that may also be installed on a standard flange. Global heat shielding and active water cooling assure excellent temperature stability, thermal separation and thus rate control of neighboring sources across the entire specified temperature range.

Mini Multi-Source Evaporator 

Our Mini Multi-Source Evaporator is designed for use in setups with little space or limited accessibility. It combines up to three sources on a single DN40 flange. 

Boat-Type Metal Evaporators (MEB-Series) 

Our Boat-Type Metal Evaporators are designed for use in R&D or small-series production, and may be applied in high- and ultra-high-vacuum assemblies. The evaporator is installed on a water-cooled base plate and maybe mounted on different flange sizes. CreaPhys offers different types of metal evaporators to cover your individual requirements. Our MEB-Series features the classical boat-type metal evaporators for use with standard metals such as Au, Ag, Cu, Mg, etc. If you need to evaporate more aggressively, melting metals like aluminum or nickel, you should choose our aluminum option.

Crucible-Type Metal Evaporators (ME-Series) 

Our ME-Series features metal evaporators using standard crucibles. Typical deposition materials include Ag, Mg, Ca, Cu and Au. If you plan to evaporate more aggressive metals — like aluminum — please refer to our MEB-Series with the aluminum option.

Multi-Zone Organic Molecular Evaporator

The Multi-Zone Organic Molecular Evaporator is designed for the gentle evaporation process of sensitive materials. The controlled temperature gradient can also be used to avoid clogging of the nozzle. Further, multi-zone evaporators allow for a variety of process tests (cracker cells).

Multi-Source Assemblies

The Multi-Source-Assemblies are designed for maximum flexibility of deposition processes.

Crucibles & Boats 

The crucible or boat, holding the evaporation material, is literally at the core of the evaporation process. Several different materials and shapes are available to cover your individual needs. While the choice of the crucible can be critical for non-standard applications, a conical Al2O3 crucible will do in most cases. If you are not sure about the requirements of your particular application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced technical staff will guide you through your options to find the crucible that will yield the best results for your individual application.


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