Process Development


How we work

CreaPhys offers process consulting in device stack design, material optimization and prototyping. A fully integrated in-house R&D line gives you the chance to work with our expert team to find the right process for your needs and work with our equipment to test materials before making the purchasing decision. This service is offered as a standard for projects at both R&D and industrial scales.

Process Development Cleanroom lab includes:

  • Inert gas glovebox line with Unidirectional flow and integrated equipment
  • Glovebox integrated vacuum deposition system
  • Glovebox integrated wet coating via spin coating and ink jetting
  • Material Vacuum Sublimation systems
  • Characterization testing equipment

Engineering Experts

Custom engineering has been at the heart of our company since the beginning. We help our customers to identify, design and implement the solutions that will help them meet their goals as efficiently as possible.

We offer:

  • Defined processes
  • Equipment selection
  • Process Validation
  • Testing and qualification

Process Solution Applications

CreaPhys offers universities and industrial labs complete solutions for organic electronic research and development. Activities include the development of thin film deposition systems and related components, vacuum sublimation systems and thermal evaporators. Another main branch is the production of ultra-high-purity materials, which is offered as a service for both R&D and industrial customers.


Try before you buy

Want to experience the benefits of CreaPhys solutions? We offer a unique opportunity in our Dresden R&D facility to work with our equipment and our team of experts to evaluate processes, test materials and explore the right setup for your needs.