About Creaphys

About Creaphys

CreaPhys GmbH is a spin‐off company from the Dresden University of Technology and was founded in 1999. CreaPhys is a technology leader in the purification and vacuum deposition of molecular organic and inorganic compounds for the research and manufacturing of opto‐electronic devices, perovskite solar cells, and lithium-ion batteries. High-purity materials are the key for numerous applications including but not limited to life science, fine chemistry, pharmaceutical and nanotechnology. Organic electronics, in particular, require extremely high purities of the deposited materials for the reproducible mass production of efficient and reliable devices, such as OLEDs and organic solar cells. CreaPhys provides in-house material purification as a service to help material producers and OEMs enhancing their material purity and device performance. In addition, CreaPhys develops, builds, and sells complete systems for the purification of organic and sensitive inorganic materials. These systems can be stand alone for non-toxic materials that are not sensitive to handling under air, or integrated into an isolator or inert gas enclosure for toxic materials or materials that are sensitive to ambient air. CreaPhys works closely with MBRAUN in designing and manufacturing of high-vacuum deposition systems. These deposition systems also can be stand alone or integrated into an inert gas glove box. Capabilities range from R&D up to mass production for vacuum sublimation systems and R&D up to pilot scale for high vacuum deposition equipment.


CreaPhys – a member of the MBRAUN Group: Science meets machine building to provide optimal solutions for our customers


In April 2016 CreaPhys GmbH became a member of The MBRAUN Group (www.mbraun.com). The excellent worldwide sales and service network of The MBRAUN Group combined with CreaPhys' deep technological knowledge and strong working relationship with today's research community will ensure best in class materials and equipment offering designed for customers all over the world. The intimate contact to the worlds' leading researchers in applications like organic electronics, perovskite solar cells and lithium-ion batteries will sustain and foster a strong position for The MBRAUN Group. With the financial backup of The MBRAUN Group, CreaPhys now operates a fully functional R&D laboratory for the development of customer specific processes for building functional layers by both, high vacuum and liquid phase deposition.


CreaPhys GmbH

Niedersedlitzer Str. 75 01257 - Dresden, Germany


Tel.: +49 (0) 351 407916 20 - Fax: +49 (0) 351 407916 22 - E-mail: info@creaphys.com


Meet the team

Jens Drechsel

  • Managing Director and CEO of CreaPhys
  • Basic research on doping of organic semiconductors, OLEDs, and organic solar cells at the institute for applied photophysics (IAPP).

Dr. Sven Trogisch

  • Responsible for system integration and automation
  • Co-founder of CreaPhys
  • Experience in semiconductor processes and nano-structures

Dr. Daniel Kasemann

  • Responsible for project management (thin film deposition)
  • Basic research on organic semi-conductors (OLED) and organic thin film transistors (OTFT)

Dr. Stefan Auschill

  • Responsible for material purification and analysis
  • Extensive research on the degradation of organic devices (OLEDs and organic solar cells) and chemical analysis

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