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Thin Film Deposition Systems

We offer custom-designed HV and UHV systems for thin film deposition. Our deposition systems are individually designed for organic electronics and related fields. Based on a large set of established components and years of experience, every system is customized to the unique requirements and individual needs of the customer. While well-proven components guarantee maximum reliability at an affordable price and shorter lead times of our systems, custom parts for special applications can be developed and integrated according to customer requirements. Systems may range from a small single chamber to a complex cluster system.

The inside of an evaporation chamber.

Thin film deposition systems designed by CreaPhys:

A detailed requirements analysis and technical consulting based on our broad experience is offered in advance and free of charge.

Technical data

  • Substrate sizes up to 200 x 200 mm²
  • Base pressure: HV (< 10-6 mbar) or UHV (< 10-9 mbar)
  • Dry pump system
  • Equipped for deposition of organics and/or metals
  • Transfer systems as needed
  • Detailed specifications according to customer needs


  • Partly or fully equipped (“ready-to-use”)
  • Temperature and rate control
  • Substrate heater (up to 500 °C)
  • Substrate station incl. masking systems
  • Optical or electrical in-situ measurement
  • Integration of additional deposition source techniques (e-beam, sputtering, etc.)
  • Automated processing
  • Multiple co-deposition
  • Glove box integration