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Vacuum Sublimation Systems

Our Vacuum Sublimation Systems provide the means to purify organic volatile compounds by vacuum sublimation, both for sublimable and liquid phase compounds. The technology has been designed for application in organic opto-electronics (e.g. OLEDs, organic photovoltaics) but is also used in other areas demanding ultra-high purities such as nanotechnology, fine chemistry or pharmaceutical research.

Picture of a Dye Sublimation Unit.

Our Tube-based Vacuum Sublimation Systems DSU-05 and DSU-20 have (nominal) maximum capacities of 5 g and 20 g and are ideal for use in R&D due to versatile design and various options for specific applications, such as glove box integration, carrier gas, additional LN2 cold trap etc.

The QUANTIpure® technology is an innovative and highly efficient purification technology. Based on more than 15 years of experience in vacuum sublimation, CreaPhys designed and engineered this new family of purification systems. In contrast to classical sublimation tools, the systems are not based on a glass tube. With our novel QUANTIpure® technology we break the trade-off between quality and purification yield. Combined with precise process control, these systems bring superior purification efficiency and high material yield to production scale. CreaPhys’ QUANTIpure® systems circumvent well-known problems, like hot spots or temperature inhomogeneities, trailing particles, and lab space limitations.

The temperature control measures real in-situ temperatures to minimize thermal load and cope with thermally instable materials. A smart process control automatically runs the system and actively readjusts process parameters, to account for variations in raw material and always yield the optimal result. The DSU-300, DSU-2000 and DSU-10k systems of the QUANTIpure® family target batch sizes from 300 g (pilot production) up to > 10 kg (production). The once defined processes can easily be transferred to other systems of this family and guarantees a fast scale-up.