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Standard Materials

We offer high-purity materials for organic electronics. CreaPhys uses its own proprietary purification technique to guarantee the highest purities at very competitive cost. All our high-purity materials have undergone one or multiple sublimation steps to reach their final purity. Our standard materials are available, both, in R&D scale and in production size quantities.

Please ask us for quotes. See our catalog for details.

High-purity Materials

  • Available materials: Alq3, NPB, Zn-PC, Cu-PC, Fullerenes C60 and C70
  • All materials are “sublimed grade”.
  • Purities up to > 99.99 % (opto-electronic grade) are available.
  • All materials are available in gram to kilogram quantities.


  • Other commercially available materials on request
  • Purification service for proprietary materials
  • Fast delivery (< 3 days) for most materials available
  • Single crystalline materials for R&D

For purification of custom materials please refer to our purification service.

Different Organic Materials.
High-purity custom materials: Heliatek’s absorber material for OPV (left), Zn-pc single crystal needles (center), C60 crystallite (right)