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Material Purification Service for R&D

We offer purification services for organic molecular compounds and similar substances (“small molecules”). With a vast experience and our own, in-house designed equipment and processes we have all the resources to get the best out of your material. Independent of the initial purity of the raw material, we are aiming for purities > 99.9%, typically even >> 99.99%, depending on your specific requirements. The process design also includes an optimization of the material yield and increases in yield of 20% or more were oftentimes realized.

Confidentiality: Please note that none of our processes require any detailed information about the provided substances, such as molecular structure or weight, field of application, or similar. Nor is such information generated during our purification processes. NDAs covering all technical and business information are standardly provided.

Material Purification Service for R&D

High material purity is one critical aspect to the functioning of organic electronic devices. We purify your molecular compounds to provide the ultra-high purity – labeled opto-electronic grade – to get the optimal device performance out of your material. Our in-house purification processes are custom-fit to the organic material as well as to the individual requirements of our customers. Typical results include higher power efficiency and longer lifetime of the device, thus providing a brighter future for your organic electronics devices. Literally.

Different organic materials.


  • optimized yield
  • liquid phase materials possible
  • condensation of liquid phase materials into solid phase

Available methods:

  • vacuum sublimation
  • sublimation under inert gas
  • sublimation with carrier gas
  • zone refinement

Volume Material Purification Service

Our material purification service for production scale quantities serves you with opto-electronic grade materials in volumes of up to multi-kg per day. Prior to running large batches we will thoroughly define all process parameters to ideally suit your material in order to yield optimal results. Due to our vast experience with purification and our new QUANTIpure® technology we reach unprecedented purification efficiency that in many cases enables us to reach the final purity with a single sublimation step – minimizing costly yield losses during sublimation.

Picture of sublimed organic material.

Main features QUANTIpure®:

  • 2 kg batch size (more on request)
  • high yield at high throughputs
  • extremely high purification efficiency (up to 99.99% in a single run)
  • automated process for maximum process reliability
  • precise thermal control – minimized thermal load / degradation

Please contact us for details.