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Thermal Evaporation Sources

We offer evaporators for organics and metals of different size and mounting options. A wide range of crucible options, integrated shutters, additional water cooling etc. are available. Combinations of multiple evaporators on a single flange are standardly offered. In addition, all standard products can be customized on request to fit particular needs.

Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series)

Our Organic Molecular Evaporators are designed for use in R&D or small series production and may be applied in high and ultra-high vacuum assemblies. All evaporators feature a wide working range of deposition rates and excellent temperature stability.

Details of a single organix source.

Technical data

  • Typical deposition rates: 10-2 ... 50 Å / s
    (at a throw distance of 150 mm, material dependent)
  • Temperature range: 50 °C - 800 °C
  • Temperature stability: < 0.1 K
  • Thermocouple type K
  • Capacities up to 50 ccm on request


  • Different mounting options (CF, ISO-KF, ISO-K…, different flange sizes)
  • Crucible: Alumina, conical (standard), further options available
  • Temperature controlled power supply (PID controller)
  • Integrated shutter
  • Water cooling
  • Multi-evaporators on single flange

Metal Evaporators

CreaPhys offers different types of metal evaporators to cover your individual requirements. Our ME-Series features the metal evaporators using standard crucibles. Our MEB-Series features the classical boat-type metal evaporators. Both series apply for the use with standard metals such as Au, Ag, Cu, Mg, etc. If you need to evaporate more aggressively melting metals like aluminum or nickel, you should choose our MEB-Series with aluminum option.

Details of a dual metal source.

Technical data

  • Temperature range: 300 °C - 1400 °C
    (up to 1700 °C with the aluminum option)
  • Typical deposition rates: 10-2 ... 100 Å / s
    (at a throw distance of 250 mm, material dependent)
  • Water-cooled


  • Several different mounting options
  • Aluminum evaporator option (MEB-Series)
  • Different metal boats / crucibles
  • Multi-source assembly
  • Power supply
  • Shutter
  • PID controller